Maybe it’s cloudy. Maybe you’re not in the eclipse’s path of totality. Maybe you had some glasses added to your Amazon cart, said, “Eh, I’ll order them later,” but forgot and they all sold out, so you figured you could make your own by watching a YouTube tutorial, only you needed a cereal box and you haven’t eaten cereal in years, so you thought you could get away with looking at the sun for a few seconds but Googled it just in case – then found out that it was a terrible idea, felt stupid, and then got a politics push notification from The New York Times and realized blindness via eclipse was the least of your problems, and scrapped your whole plan all together?

Well, you’re in luck: You don’t need to step outside to watch the solar eclipse today. Here are three ways to watch without leaving your desk, couch, or emergency bunker.
Leave it to our space agency to give the American public not one, not two, but several ways to watch the celestial phenomenon online. Starting at 1:00 p.m., you can watch their official show here or watch it on Facebook Live.

The New Yorker:

The New Yorker partnered with Slooh, a company that allows users to patch into telescopes, to provide a live-stream show from the Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch. Sportscaster/astrophotographer Gerard Monteux, along with Slooh’s chief astronomical officer, Paul Cox, and director of research, Paige Godfrey, will be hosting.

The New York Times:

The New York Times will also have a live-stream—perfect for those who want to keep one eye on the sky and the other on whatever is happening in the White House.

Happy watching!

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